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Long-Term Disability (LTD) information

Most members are in a highly vulnerable financial position when they are confronted with a loss of income during a lengthy or permanent disability.

Long term disability (LTD) insurance provides a safety net that will replace a percentage of your salary and provide pension plan protection should you be unable to work because of an illness or injury.

Enrolment in the OTIP LTD plan is a condition of employment under the TBU collective agreement.

However there are certain situations toward the end of a member's career where the member may elect to terminate coverage. Carefully consider your options prior to terminating coverage. Coverage cannot be cancelled retroactively. Cancelling your LTD coverage should only be done after serious consideration of potential consequences.


LTD Coverage Termination Application Form

OSSTF Provincial LTD Plan Changes and Provisions

Contact OTIP Benefits Services to discuss this (866-783-6847 and follow the telephone prompts).