OSSTF/FEESO District 1 - Ontario North East
"Let us not take thought for our separate interests, but let us help one another."

        OSSTF - District 1 Awards

Provincial Executive Award
For outstanding and meritorius service to OSSTF
at provincial and local levels and is retiring.
2000 Shirley Scott
2005 Jurgen Brzozowski, Tony Sawinski
2006 No Nominations
2007 No Nominations
2008 No Nominations
2009 No Nominations
2010 No Nominations
2011 No Nominations
2012 No Nominations
2013 No Nominations
2014 No Nominations
2015 No Nominations

S.G. Robinson Award
For outstanding service to the federation.
2000 Don Haslam
2001 Len Laurin
2002 Jane Koza
2003 Tony Sawinski
2004 Gerry Christianson
2005 Cathy Loach
2006 Gerry Culhane
2007 Louise Harrison
2008 Bill McGillis
2009 Dennis Howard
2010 Jurgen Brzozowski
  No Longer Available

Award of Merit
For meritorious and outstanding service to OSSTF
2000 Len Laurin
2001 Bill Costiniuk
2002 Gerry Christianson, Cathy Loach
2003 Gerry Culhane, Brent Morin
2004 Garry Klinck, David Mader
2005 Louise Harrison, Tony Sawinski
2006 Don Ceaser, Kevin Robinson
2007 Edie Sauer, Bill McGillis
2008 Jurgen Brzozowski, Dennis Howard
2009 Odile Robichaud
2010 Christine Burkholder
2011 No Nominations
2012 No Nominations
2013 Kim Kruihof, Troy Puckalo
2014 No Nominations
2015 No Nominations
2016 Derek Beland
2017 André Dumais

Andre Lecuyer Award
Presented annually at AMPA to recognize outstanding contributions,
especially in the area of professional development, locally, regionally and provincially
2004 Bill Costiniuk
2005 Gerry Culhane

Nancy Warrener Award
The criteria for this annual award reflects the "This is Good" attitude
and professional dedication with which Nancy Warrener approached life.
2004 Gerry Culhane

District O.N.E. Award (Certificate of Distinction)
Certificate of Distinction for outstanding and meritorius service
to Ontario North East District Council.
2000 Len Laurin, Shirley Scott
2001 Jane Koza, Tony Sawinski
2002 Marg McLean, Brent Morin
2003 Gerry Christianson, Cathy Loach
2004 Dennis Howard, Jurgen Brzozowski, Gerry Culhane,
Kevin Robinson
2005 Odile Robichaud
2006 Louise Harrison, Bill McGillis
2007 Melanie Baschiera, Shane Matheson
2008 Chris Del Bel, Malcolm Alexander
2009 Linda Fournier, Taryn Fuller
2010 Kelly Graydon, Edie Sauer
2011 J.P. Desilets, Joanne Gibson, Jason Hewett
2012 André Dumais, Kim Kruithof, Dana Thomson
2013 Sherry McNeil
2014 Tammy Belanger-Lamothe, Jen Holmes, Richard MacDonald
2015 Pat Niemi, Troy Puckalo
2016 Desmond O'Connor
2018 Emilie Piche-Swain
2019 Maureen Rintamaki
2020 Jen Holmes, Lorraine Laiho
2021 Richard MacDonald

Certificate of Appreciation
OSSTF District ONE expresses its gratitude for dedication
and professional service given on behalf of its members.
2000 Shirley Scott
2002 Tim Rorke
2003 Don Ceasar, Jane Koza, David Mader, André Dumais
2004 Andre Gagnon, Cathy Loach, Sherry McNeil, Jodi Ryan, Tony Sawinski, Mike Dumoulin
2005 Jurgen Brzozowski, Cathy Deforge, Allison Nakogee, Tom Nelson, Darlene St. George
2006 Edie Sauer, Betty Beadman, Anne Jamieson, Paul Gordon, Pat Bamford, Lisa McDonald
2007 Dawn Belanger, Dennis Howard, Jurgen Brzozowski, Marietta Kallio
2008 Kim Kruithof, Gerry Culhane, Shane Matheson,
Louise Harrison, Rachel Lebedick, Kelly Graydon
2009 Sheila Morais, Jim Schaffer, Gord Curtis, Malcolm Alexander, Bill McGillis
2010 Paul Gordon, Shane Matheson, Sherry McNeil, Taryn Fuller, Pat Niemi, Ernie Carrière
2011 Pat Bamford, Christine Del Bel, André Dumais, Kelly Graydon, Shane Matheson, Sherry McNeil, Laura Rosevear, Paul Gordon
2012 Peggy Alexander, Joanne Benson, Lynn Charron, Don MacRobert, Lisa McIntyre, Andrea Roberts, Chantal Tremblay
2013 Kamila Sierakowska, Jen Holmes
2014 Jurgen Brzozowski, Louise Harrison
2015 Desmond O'Connor, Shawn Klingenberg, Tammy Belanger-Lamothe, Jennifer Holmes, Edie Sauer
2016 Tammy Belanger-Lamothe, Beth Clark, Richard MacDonald, Emilie Piche-Swain
2017 Marg Burkholder, Maureen Rintamaki, Amy Verrier
2018 Taryn Fuller, Lorraine Laiho, Kevin Robinson, Randy Swain, Louisa Gunner
2019 Renelle Latour-Onolack, Shelley Robinson, Beth Clark
2020 Crystal Beauchamp, Kelly Brownlee, Chris Clark, Tomara Kaye
2021 Todd Dufresne

Worksite Representative Award
Presented to worksite representatives who demonsrtate a personal commitment to education,
represent members effectively of local district and provincial business,
and is proactive in defending the interests of the membership.
2004 Matt Turner, Louise Harrison
2005 Bill McGillis, André Dumais, Barry Mulroney,
Brent Morin, Kevin Robinson
2006 Troy Pukalo, Malcolm Alexander, Joe Kosken
2007 Laura Rosevear, Colette Carter, Don MacRobert
2008 J.P. Desilets, Don MacRobert, Linda Fournier,
Linda Jenkin, Matt Allen, Ross MacLean
2009 Colleen Brazeau, Dana Thomson, Jason Hewett
2010 Mark Delich, Gord Curtis, Louise Harrison
2011 Matthew Allen, Brad Cauthers, Lisa McDonald, Dana Thomson
2012 Bill Nuhn, Laura Rosevear
2013 Diane Sauve, Chantalle Sirois, Richard MacDonald,
Tammy Belanger-Lamothe, John Toby, Denise Sullivan
2014 Lynne Gauthier, Joanne Gibson, Debbie Lee, Dana McBride
2015 Emilie Piche-Swain, Mathew Belisle, Amy Rochon, Maureen Rintamaki, Amanda Quinton
2016 Margaret Burkholder, Lynn Charron, Randy Swain, Amy Verrier
2017 David Craig, Lesley Forrest, Sue Knight
2019 Sue Knight, Taryn Fuller
2020 Tom Barker, Robin Craig, Shea Henderson, Renelle Latour Onolack
2021 John LaBine

Len Laurin Award
Presented to a member for his/her long outstanding contribution to the district.
2004 Jane Koza
2005 Gerry Christianson
2006 Jurgen Brzozowski
2007 Gerry Culhane
2008 Cathy Loach
2009 Louise Harrison
2010 Malcolm Alexander
2011 Dennis Howard
2012 J. P. Desilets
2013 Bill McGillis
2014 André Dumais
2015 Christine Del Bel
2016 Pat Niemi
2017 Troy Puckalo
2018 Tammy Belanger-Lamothe
2019 Jen Holmes
2020 Richard MacDonald